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The office is a hub for personal exchange as well as a central location for planned and informal meetings. Classic workspaces are no longer just characterised by desks and swivel chairs; rather, they also come with homely elements that provide the feel-good factor. As a universal stool, Se:Dot fits into any work situation – in workshop rooms, places of retreat and lounge areas. It stands out due to its comfortable seat and creates a cosy look.
Due to its low weight, Se:Dot is easy to carry and can be moved around flexibly. The anti-slip fabric on the underside ensures a secure base when sitting.

  • Dimensions Various Dimensions

Made in Germany
10-year warranty
Light weight and flexible
Anti-slip fabric to underside
Leather carry strap on the side of the high stool

  • Choice of size:
    • High Stool: 430mm Diam. x 450mm H
    • Low Stool: 730mm Diam. x 390mm H
  • Wide range of upholstery options
About the designer
Sedus- Half height

Sedus is a company with a tradition of setting new standards again and again during a history that goes back 140 years in ergonomics, manufacturing processes and ecology. A brand which moves people - and a brand for people who get things moving. Sedus is a global player which continually redefines the concept of aesthetic office furniture and gives a new and timeless quality to the office environment. Sedus's philosophy is to create a "place 2.5 - the new emotional office culture". This means an office that allows users to bring leisure, personal development, and stimulation into the office.


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