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Getting comfortable in commercial and healthcare settings

Your insight into our 30+ years of expertly designing, delivering and installing the very best furniture solutions for our clients

A lot can change over 30 years and a lot has. However, no matter how far afield you venture across the commercial landscape, a genuine care for client needs, with the experience and expertise to deliver on your promises, remain the one true indicator of success.

Our ongoing three-decade success story that is ecf, began in a small Richmond office about 3km from Melbourne’s CBD. Founders Simon Bilalis (managing director) and David Lord established the company in 1991, offering the market furniture solutions created to benefit businesses, clients, customers and employees.

We knew intuitively that furniture solutions were critical to the smooth running of the commercial sector, hospitality industry, educational institutions and government agencies so we focussed on quality. As we grew into the multi-million-dollar business we are today, we were certified to the latest international standard ISO 9001 – licence number QEC 11554. These systems are embedded in the service we offer to clients every day as we continue to set the standard in delivering on our promise of quality.

An in depth understanding of the specific needs of clients operating in health and aged care is not only an advantage, to us and the people we serve, it is a requirement. Anything less than expertise in these areas are a disservice to those that deserve better. We’re all about doing better by giving our best.

Delivering market leading solutions, product and service across consultation, design and installation was always the goal for our directors, who, between them, have accrued over 50 years’ experience in service of this industry. Today’s level of end-to-end service was built on the establishment of accomplished, client-centric sales and administration support teams and systems that enable a seamless, solution-based experience for healthcare and aged care facilities. Take advantage of our experience.

Our commitment to you is built on the design, supply and delivery of eco-conscious quality and customer care

Project managers that stay the course

Whether you choose us to help deliver one project or relied on us year after year, we learned very early that one point of contact throughout initial quotation, site measure, procurement, installation, final quality check and handover worked best for everyone.

30+ years of serving our clients

Reputations are built on results and we’ve spent more than three decades supporting our clients with design and project solutions that work. That’s 30+ years of dedication, integrity, success and commitment to service.

The right product for you

From day one, it’s always been about delivering the best solution at the right price. For 30+ years, we brought functionality, aesthetic and quality to your door, office, healthcare facility … and even as our story changes over time, our commitment to quality never will.

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Our commitment to effective environmental management systems and workplace health and safety helps us and benefits you