Our approach

Experience, the ecf & HFA difference

Consultation, design, delivery and installation: 4 services, 1 contact, 1 wonderful result

Every client is different, some with specialised or particular needs, but all seek simple solutions that just work. Our job, here at ecf & HFA, has always been to design, deliver and install those quality solutions – on time, with a minimum of fuss and at a price that meets your expectations and budget.

That’s what we call effective project management and to make sure we arrive at handover, all smiles, we follow a simple plan:

  1. Expert consultation with the successful achievement of goals always front of mind. We know what questions to ask, the answers to listen for and, best of all, your salesperson will be your primary contact from concept through to project completion.
  2. Designed to your specifications and fit for purpose, we furnish you with the solutions you need.
  3. Delivery and installation, on time and in full, quality guaranteed. Our decades of experience allow us to confidently deliver a great experience as well as peace of mind.

And speaking of experience…

30+ years’ experience delivers decades of expertise

Confidence in your project partner that they can and will get the job done is valuable currency – always has been. As we enter our fourth decade in the commercial furniture business, our team has managed all manner of projects ranging from expansive commercial projects through to fulfilling vital aged care and healthcare facility requirements.

Our experience means that we consider layout, materials, finishes, transport, installation, aftercare and much more. In short, our experience and expertise mean that we think about all aspects of furniture solution design and procurement, so you won’t have to. With that comes the peace of mind of working with a team that has operated with integrity and a client-centric focus on quality since 1991.

It’s all part of our service to you.

Value, values and our valuable advice make a real difference

Quality is about delivering value – value that directly benefits our clients and the aim and objectives they are trying to achieve. From a furniture solutions point of view, that means ensuring that we deliver the best value products with integrity and the offer of advice that fulfils our promise of true project management / partnership.

We have always looked beyond the short-term commercial aspects of project delivery to take in the wider implications of product longevity – serving longer-term usage for refurbishments and eventually recycling. This is how we demonstrate the value of our values as well as delivering a valuable service to industries that serve the community, the business sector and their stakeholders.

To us, it all matters and helps us all make a difference.

Our commitment to the environment, one more reason to choose ecf & HFA

Supplying product of the highest quality whilst remaining conscious of potential impacts on the environment is a balancing act. But we are committed to walking that tightrope (it’s not that hard when you’ve been doing it for 30+ years) by supplying furniture that has a satisfying and enduring aesthetic.

Our commitment to quality not only focusses on the product aesthetic but also on the soundness of construction and many of our products are AFRDI and GECA accredited. We also employ quality systems to track and improve performance for the benefit of our clients and strictly adhere to all guidelines outlined by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.