Our commitments

Managing to preserve our environment demands focus and commitment

Choose wisely, recycle thoughtfully, reuse whenever possible

Commitments are far easier to keep when their purpose lays at the heart of a central belief or pillar of your business. We know and understand that our business will inevitably have an impact on our environment, whether it be at the primary production end of the supply chain or during the design and selection stage. There are choices presented to us as a business and to our clients with whom we consult and of course, for whom we create and supply furniture solutions.

In fact, we know that many of our existing clients, and those businesses we hope to work with in the future, feel the same way and actively seek to partner with those that take action to minimise harmful environmental impacts.

That’s why our commitment is to work with clients, authorities and other interested parties to continue to eliminate, reduce or substitute products, lower the environmental impacts and offer products approved by both GECA and AFRDI.

What does that look like?

“Like you, we believe that environmental preservation is important. That’s why we are committed to reusing and/or recycling our products and materials, packaging, waste, and reducing the impact of our services on the environment we all share.”

Putting our words into action on environmental wellbeing

Demonstrating your commitment to the preservation of something as all-encompassing as the environment can be difficult due to the challenge of sheer size and scope. So, we decided to focus on our direct areas of influence: the careful selection of materials and choosing products not only for their function and aesthetic, but for their longevity and durability. Our recommended furniture solutions:

  • Avoid hazardous materials and processes
  • Minimise the use of materials and energy
  • Demonstrate versatility, meeting the demands of changing needs
  • Feature products certified by GECA and AFRDI Standard 150 that can maximise Green Star ratings
  • Source timber components from sustainable regrowth plantations with FSC certification, where possible

Where to from here? Sustaining environmental practices that sustain our environment

Whilst our primary focus remains serving our clients, we also know that supporting an industry that values the preservation of our environment keeps everyone accountable. We embrace that and are proud to be part of an industry that continues to develop products using recycled materials with particular focus on:

CFC-free foam

Biodegradable wool fabric

Water based glues (instead of chemical based glues)

Fabrics manufactured from recycled materials

But it’s not just about the materials. Our ongoing product development projects and activities include life-cycle assessment and product stewardship to ensure that we continue honouring our commitment to sustainable environmental practices.

Social responsibility and supporting local

Businesses, jobs and people need us as much as we need them, and we’re happy to give back

Gratitude for the solid business relationships that we’ve built, and built on, over the past three decades is an everyday motivator to contribute, give back and continue to benefit those with whom we’ve enjoyed success. We rely on the expertise and experience of selected partners from primary and secondary manufacturing, design, transport and logistics to help deliver quality to our valued clients. It is important to us to do what we can to support partnerships and relationships both locally and further afield, in sustainable Victorian regions. From labour hire to freight services, we are doing our part to support local businesses as well as working relationships throughout the state.

Within our own business, we encourage all qualified and fit-for-training applicants to start, develop and succeed in a career with ecf & HFA. As an equal opportunity employer, we pride ourselves on seeking out and identifying talented, dedicated people who are keen to help us make a difference for our clients by being a part of our solutions ecosystem. In addition, we avidly support professional development and actively seek out opportunities for improvement, with the same enthusiasm with which we refine and optimise the solutions we offer to our clients.

When it comes to supporting the wider community as we love to do, we realised that we couldn’t do it all ourselves – no one can. But instead, we’re grateful for the opportunities to support people and organisations in need through community pillars such as the Lions Club, Rural Aid and the RSPCA. By donating ex-showroom furniture, fabric to playgroups, funds and organising events, our support programs focus on the practical and effective initiatives because we enjoy making a difference.

Prioritising workplace health & safety

Putting people first – ours, yours and theirs – is an everyday commitment

We care about providing superior service to our valued clients – we always have and we always will. A big part of that commitment is embracing our responsibility to employees, contractors, the general public and our clients, to provide a safe and healthy work environment. To achieve this goal, we focus on the improvement and maintenance of our health and safety performance which starts with identifying and eliminating risk.

Our 5-step approach to this important goal ensures that:

Compliance plays its part

Everybody wants a safe working environment and to help achieve that, we take full advantage of the available resources and guides such as health and safety legislative requirements to assist us in meeting and exceeding relevant standards.

Vigilance keeps us safe

Clean safety records are built on active attentiveness and attention to detail so we identify, assess and control hazards; maintain plants and facilities that are under our control; perform ongoing inspections and review the workplace, work practices and procedures.

Training is prioritised

Performing duties and fulfilling roles and functions as part of our team means that you are doing so safely. This doesn’t happen by accident, our induction and training prioritises safety first, last and always.

We take action

Taking prompt action in response to an incident, injury or threat is necessary to minimise impacts and eliminate risk. Our processes and protocols help us ensure that in the unlikely event of an incident or even a potential risk, the safety and health of our people remains the highest priority.

Support at work

In the event that one of our people is affected by a work-related incident we move to support them as promptly and as thoroughly as possible. We facilitate rehabilitation and work to enable an earlier return to the job for employees and contractors where possible.