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Nest Table Wood

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  • Australia
  • 8 Weeks

The Nest Table series is a warm and textured table series that ages beautifully. The curved surface is robust and convivial, a movable table in a natural material for people to comfortably gather around, to host meetings and for casual collaborative activities. But the tables are not all social objects, they work well as single workstations, creating an atmosphere that merges private and common spaces. Exuding warmth and character, the solid oak tables come in eight different sizes and are easy to place in any setting. Swift to clean, maintain and repair — an honest, hospitable and practical part of the Nest series, built to last for generations.

  • Dimensions Various Dimensions

Made in Australia
Designed in Sweden
5-year warranty
Solid Oak table top and frame

  • Round:
    • 650mm Diam. x 410mm H
    • 650mm Diam. x 510mm H
    • 650mm Diam. x 610mm H
    • 750mm Diam. x 410mm H
    • 750mm Diam. x 510mm H
    • 750mm Diam. x 700mm H
    • 900mm Diam. x 410mm H
  • Rounded rectangle: 1600mm W x 750mm D x 700mm H
  • Timber finish: soap-treated, stained black or lacquered
About the designer

Based in Denmark, +Halle believe that the future of furniture lies in spaces that adapt to the behaviour of the people who use them; meaning that the design needs to achieve a synthesis of context, function and performance.
+Halle are motivated by the transformation in the use of public space: how people relate to large shifts in work, mobility, technology and privacy. Driven by understanding how spatial cultures evolve, +Halle are interested in the complex, diverse interplay between human behaviour, design and architecture.
It is time to think beyond the generic domestic influence on our public spaces; instead, we really should look at the actual needs and let purpose inform our environments.


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