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Framery Q Acoustic Booth

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The Framery Q acoustic pod offers a quick escape to privacy in an open-plan office. Due to the great sound insulation, the meeting pods can be installed right next to workstations. Strategically placed quiet spaces create an open office environment without noise problems, increasing employer satisfaction and productivity. Framery Q is designed for up to four users. Framery Q features several variations of acoustic furniture for different user needs. Automatic air ventilation creates a fresh and comfortable working environment. The product is easy to assemble and relocate when necessary.

  • Dimensions W 2200 × D 1200 × H 2210 mm

Designed and manufactured in Finland
Stainless steel walls and roof ensuring an echo-free space
Interiors in dark grey acoustic felt
Anti-static and stain resistant carpet in Desso Essence dark grey
Electric socket, air circulation system with motion sensor
Integrated LED lighting
Air circulation fans located on top of the meeting booth
Air channels inside floor and roof modules

  • Available in a range of seating configurations
  • Exterior colour selection
  • Seat and tabletop available in a range of colours
  • Antimicrobial and non-toxic polyester fabric available for the Meeting Maggie sofas
  • Copper-plated door handle and cover
About the designer

Framery is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing soundproof private spaces, and the only company in the market solely focussed on making them. Framery always puts user experience first to turn efficiency up and let people bloom. Framery's clients range from small offices to the world's leading brands.


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