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Framery 2Q Acoustic Booth

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The Framery 2Q is designed for 4 – 6 people. It’s the best place to co-create, brainstorm and have great meetings. Framery’s superior sound insulation system guarantees that your meetings won’t disturb the office – and the office noise won’t disturb you. 2Q comes with two different layouts. A conference table with two height options is optimal for laptop use or workshopping. You can also choose this meeting pod without any furniture, giving you the freedom to furnish the booth to your requirements. A low doorstep makes 2Q wheelchair accessible.

  • Dimensions W 2350 × D 2800 × H 2220 mm

Designed and manufactured in Finland
Painted sheet metal exterior
Sound-control laminated glass
Formica laminate on Birch plywood with varnish trim frame
Power and USB outlets
LED Lighting

  • Exterior colour selection
  • Seat and tabletop available in a range of colours
  • Interior table
  • Bracket to mount an interior monitor
  • Antimicrobial and non-toxic polyester fabric available for the interior sofa
  • Copper-plated door handle and cover
About the designer

Framery is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing soundproof private spaces, and the only company in the market solely focussed on making them. Framery always puts user experience first to turn efficiency up and let people bloom. Framery's clients range from small offices to the world's leading brands.


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