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Tomoko is a sheltering, acoustic piece of office furniture for privacy and concentration in open-plan offices, lobbies, recovery rooms and other open spaces. Tomoko helps you to create an immediate territory of your own by eliminating elements that interfere with your concentration, such as noise or visual distractions. At the same time, it signals to others that you are not to be disturbed. Tomoko can also be built as a light fitting. The hood is made of 100% recyclable polyester felt and the base is powdercoated.

  • Dimensions W 700 × D 1060 × H 1550 mm

5-year warranty
100% recycled polyester felt

  • Optional light fitting
About the designer

Vivero is a design conscious forerunner. The Vivero spirit, the justification of Vivero's existence, arises from the original and different design which has produced functional tools and real choices for clients and architects for close to 35 years.
Vivero is located in the design district of Arabia in Helsinki at most green end of Hämeentie, next to the nest of modern Finnish crafts and design, opposite the Annala Villa by the rapids of the old town, the birthplace of the City of Helsinki.


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