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  • New Zealand
  • 8 Weeks

Retreat Focus is a versatile range of free-standing booths which support agile work. Soft, upholstered walls create a quiet and comfortable retreat in open-plan offices to break away from the noise and get work done. This in turn helps support health and wellbeing in the workplace. Available in a variety of configurations and fabrics to suit your space.
Each booth is made of a modular kit of parts. Panels clip together with unique hidden connections which allow for future reconfigurations. Upholstered walls panels combine with tables, worktops and seating to offer a cost-effective, flexible alternative to permanent meeting or quiet rooms.

  • Dimensions Various Dimensions

Made in Australia
10-year warranty
Modular kit of parts for easy reconfiguration
Fully upholstered screens with foam backing

  • Square or curved corners
  • Straight or envelope-corner-shaped ends to side screens
  • Desk or tabletops can be bracketed to the screens or choose from our range of freestanding desks and workstations
  • Under-desk tray or cable sling and cable sleeve options for cable management
  • Floor- or ceiling-sourced power
  • Custom size and height
About the designer
Vidak- Half height

Vidak is New Zealand’s leading developer and supplier of innovative office furniture. For over 26 years, Vidak has created inspirational workplaces for New Zealand’s top tier corporations and government departments. They are committed to quality and sustainability philosophies and are continuously enhancing performance in that area.
Vidak’s mission is to help people create their ultimate office environment through collaborative partnerships. Their philosophy is about creating working environments which are open and inviting and inspire innovation, performance and passion in the user.


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