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Retreat Lounge


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  • New Zealand
  • 8 Weeks

Retreat Lounge helps create secluded spots in the office for focussed work or private meetings. High seat backs divide areas and create a sense of privacy. Ergonomically designed seating keeps you comfortable while you work. Keep it simple or upgrade your Retreat Lounge with armrests, tablet, and USB power.

  • Dimensions Various Dimensions

Made in Australia
10-year warranty
Fully upholstered in any suitable fabric, leather or vinyl

  • Single-seater, 2-seater or 3-seater
  • Armrests
  • Black Echo USB A+C power integration for mobile working
  • Tablet on one or both sides, 25mm Birch ply in natural, walnut, black, grey or white wash finish
About the designer
Vidak- Half height

Vidak is New Zealand’s leading developer and supplier of innovative office furniture. For over 26 years, Vidak has created inspirational workplaces for New Zealand’s top tier corporations and government departments. They are committed to quality and sustainability philosophies and are continuously enhancing performance in that area.
Vidak’s mission is to help people create their ultimate office environment through collaborative partnerships. Their philosophy is about creating working environments which are open and inviting and inspire innovation, performance and passion in the user.


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