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The Proto series was launched in 2019 with a range of furniture for seating. Within the latest addition to the series, +Halle has created matching tables with the same kind of sculpted aesthetic that has become a prized trademark of the Proto collection. The tables are based on the same architectural principle, and they offer unique pieces which are functional and inviting. Customise your layout by teaming the Proto Table with the other striking pieces from the Proto collection, including the Proto Bench or Proto Pouf.

  • Dimensions Various Dimensions

Made in Denmark
5-year warranty
Top in solid Oak timber
Base in Oak veneer
Felt feet

  • Soap-treated or staining in all RAL colours
About the designer

Based in Denmark, +Halle believe that the future of furniture lies in spaces that adapt to the behaviour of the people who use them; meaning that the design needs to achieve a synthesis of context, function and performance.
+Halle are motivated by the transformation in the use of public space: how people relate to large shifts in work, mobility, technology and privacy. Driven by understanding how spatial cultures evolve, +Halle are interested in the complex, diverse interplay between human behaviour, design and architecture.
It is time to think beyond the generic domestic influence on our public spaces; instead, we really should look at the actual needs and let purpose inform our environments.

Designed By
Nick Ross

Nick Ross is a Scottish-Swedish designer who studied Production Design at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen and afterwards moved to Stockholm where he continues his training in interior architecture and furniture design. Nick founded his own studio in 2014.
Nick Ross’s design practice takes its inspiration from philosophy and art. Well-researched, the shapes and forms he unveils are carefully created in response to human stories, new behaviours, and historic crafts. It is the poetry Ross’s minimal yet considered work exhibits that stands out, filled with vivid narratives and beautiful ideas.
Tactility, throughout both materiality and finish, runs through Ross’s collection, which creates an inviting sense of humanism around everything the studio produces.


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