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Plus Dining Chair

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The Plus easy chair is available with two backrest heights and wooden or upholstered armrests. The removable upholstery and moisture barrier make the chair easy to service and the thermo-elastic foam cushion adds comfort.
The details of the Plus furniture have been designed for the demands set by old age and impaired mobility. The chairs are easy to sit down in and no help is needed to get up from them. Jukka Setälä based his Plus series design on the design-for-all principle. The furniture is very comfortable and safe to use, but also stylish and well-proportioned. Moreover, it meets all special requirements and has passed stringent tests. Physical frailty does not prevent people from appreciating beauty.
Plus is a series of eight variable pieces of furniture, including a wooden chair with armrests, an easy chair with a low or high backrest, sofa seating, a rocking chair, two sofa tables and a dining table. Round wooden legs and elegance create the harmonious look that encompasses the Plus series.

  • Dimensions W 570 × D 530 × H 870 mm

5-year warranty
Timber frame, set, legs and armrests

  • Moisture protected seat cushion
  • Birch or Oak timber
  • Colour staining in black or white
  • Upholstered seat only or upholstered seat and backrest
About the designer
Martela- Half height1

Based in Finland, Martela is one of the Nordic leaders in the office interior industry. A passion to offer the best workplaces has been guiding the company for almost 70 years. Martela provides innovative and ergonomic furniture solutions and collaborates with renowned designers to ensure style needs are met.
Martela ensures pieces are designed with individual expression and variation in a collection yet all parts are able to communicate and are easy to combine. It is their mission to create interiors that will remain fresh well into the future. Drawing from the many years of experience they design high-quality future classics.


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