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Framery Six Acoustic Booth

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Framery Six is a smart and soundproof meeting room for up to six people designed for modern teams and optimised for hybrid work. This multifunctional soundproof meeting space is tailored for virtual collaboration and hybrid brainstorming sessions. Fine-tuned acoustics, adaptive ventilation, and optimised lighting modes make Framery Six the best place in the office to collaborate and get things done.
Framery Six combines the best features of a larger meeting room in a convenient, modular package. The luxurious and spacious interior comes equipped with a proper-sized meeting table that can be complemented with your own choice of seats. The pod’s low threshold enables easy access, and the minimalistic design approach uses carefully curated materials, making it a sustainable choice.

  • Dimensions W 2352 × D 2632 × H 2329 mm

A-class soundproofing
Framery office sound masking system
Adaptive ventilation
Temperature & humidity sensors
Automatic lighting modes
8-inch touchscreen
Automatic upgrades via built-in 4G connection
mmWave radar presence detection
See the brochure under Downloads below for full specifications and the environmental data sheet

  • Customise your pod to fit your workplace with over 3000 combinations of colours, fabrics, and high-quality materials to choose from.
About the designer

Framery is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing soundproof private spaces, and the only company in the market solely focussed on making them. Framery always puts user experience first to turn efficiency up and let people bloom. Framery's clients range from small offices to the world's leading brands.


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