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A smart storage for pens and eraser. With a discreet design, the Air Pocket and Mood Pocket are the perfect match for our range of whiteboards. The magnetic eraser is hidden and accessed with a simple click. Available in a range of colours.

  • Dimensions W 160 × D 34 × H 200 mm

Contents includes:
1 board eraser
3 spare felt pads
3 black felt-tip pens

  • Air Pocket available in white or black aluminium
  • Mood Pocket available in the range of 24 colours
About the designer

Lintex is a Swedish based company that specialise in writing boards. They add style and design expertise in a world in which aesthetics have, for years, taken a back seat. Whiteboards, office screens and sound absorbers have been the anonymous carthorses of schools and conference premises. Lintex have changed all that: aiming to surprise and challenge the image of what a writing board can be.
Lintex maintains its very own attitude in this world of non-design. By working with several leading Scandinavian designers such as Halleroed, Matti Klenell, Afteroom and Fredrik Mattson, they give writable surfaces a stylish and functional beauty by using tempered glass, high-end textiles, solid wood, and enamelled steel.
The focus on design and materiality heightens the function of the products, making them a delight to use. The products deliver a simple function, but they do it with elegance.


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