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Mercy Place

"Our fundamental goal is to create a place where residents and their families feel at home,”

Mercy Health Group Chief Executive Officer Adjunct Professor Stephen Cornelissen says.

Mercy Place Ballarat is a flagship aged care facility, it’s forward thinking design will soon become a standard within Mercy Health facilities. Its format and design is like no other, it is based on small household living, designed to promote independence, flexibility and freedom for their residents.

The residents have individual households, each are home to eight people who have their own private room and ensuite and share their own kitchen and living area. Within these households residents can assist with cooking meals and help to choose the weekly menu. Residents can even ask family and friends to join them for a meal.
When you first enter Mercy Place you are not greeted with a reception desk, instead you walk into the village centre which has a warm and welcoming feel. This is a place where residents and guests can relax at the cafe for lunch or a coffee, visit the grocer to pick up groceries to cook in their kitchen, or visit the wellness centre and chapel.
There is also a bar where residents can meet with family, friends or other residents and sit and relax over a beer or wine. Addition to these is a large outdoor garden with gazebo, botchy pitch and even a mens shed.
We were involved with the supply of a range of our products including, Ashley, Trilogy, Branson, Ami, Rosebud, Tiffany, Willow, Trinity and a range of coffee and side tables.
Mercy Place has been an exciting project that we are proud to have been involved.




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Mercy Health