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Including both refurbished and new pieces of furniture this high-end, luxury facility pays tribute to its original 1890’s build, mixed with contemporary finishes and designs.

‘Arcare Brighton’ is one of the original facilities opened by Arcare and fitted out by HFA approximately 15 years ago. Located in a grand, heritage listed building constructed in the 1890’s this impressive facility needed a facelift, to reinstate its former grandeur.

HFA supplied the furniture to this facility some 15 years prior and due to the high quality of furniture provided by HFA, many pieces of furniture simply required a little refurbishment such as refoaming and reupholstery rather than having to purchase replacement furniture for the fit-out. The savings made by reusing existing HFA furniture allowed the designers to budget for higher end innovative finishes and detailing throughout the facility. 

The finished look of the facility which included both refurbished and new pieces of furniture was that of a high-end, luxury facility. The final look had a classic style paying tribute to its original 1890’s build, mixed with contemporary finishes and designs giving the facility a glamourous appeal.

The fit-out was completed whilst residents were still residing within the facility which meant that HFA had to work closely within tight deadlines and place furniture efficiently and with as little disruption to residents as possible. HFA worked with the architect to provide space saving solutions and fitted out areas including loungerooms (using both refurbished and new furniture), private dining rooms, occasional pieces in hallways and custom made tables and joinery


Brighton VIC


Nava Clauscen