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For this project we worked closely with Tandem Building Group / Watson Young Architects to come up with a tight spec that looked great and still came in within budget.

The project featured our Trilogy workstations with mobile pedestals, power poles and soft wiring solution which included QUAD GPO outlets below the desk and data solution for Cat 6. The executive office areas also needed to integrate with the open style layout so these also featured the Trilogy workstations.

All meeting room & training room tables featured the Ona table leg system and included power & data to integrate the clients AV requirements. The Flexpoint boardroom chairs and Trend meeting room chairs were also used throughout these rooms. Huddle booth style collaboration pods with laptop tables were used along with the Neo seating collection featured throughout the breakout & executive zones. Escape arm chairs were used in the reception in a bright blue to accent against the cool stone of the reception desk.

The final job was supplied on time and on budget with a 6 week manufacturing time frame with a 1 week install program. 




Watson Young


Tandem – Strikeforce