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The personal secretaire is back – re-interpreted for the modern age and elegant at the same time. The Sedus Secretair is a versatile mobile station for temporary working and stands out due to its light, uncluttered appearance. The fresh design and the high-quality materials ensure privacy and a homely ambience. It is not only in open-space structures that Secretair creates places that invite people who need somewhere to concentrate closely on their work and where they also feel at home.
Thanks to its contours and its mobility, Secretair can easily be adapted to accommodate new requirements. From circular groupings that facilitate communication to arrangements where they are placed one behind the other to encourage maximum concentration. Secretair can be used to design the most varied of scenarios and be re-arranged in just a few minutes. The built-in equipment is also multi-facetted. Light, shelves and electrification make Secretair into an autonomous workstation for the most varied of activities.
The supporting structure of Secretair consists of a tubular frame construction with a net-like fabric cover, which also functions as acoustic and visual screening as well as supporting the tabletop. This creates a small haven of wellbeing that allows concentrated working and further reinforces it with the slanted flanks of this screening.

  • Dimensions W 1380 × D 725 × H 1130 mm

Made in Germany
10-year warranty
Screening textile element on a frame construction
Single drawer for pens/notepad
2 x lockable castors
Tabletop for laptop workstation: 1200mm W x 700mm D x 725mm H

  • Membrane colour: white, cream, black or anthracite
  • Tabletop: timber veneer, commercial melamine, melamine likewood, HPL or linoleum
  • Magnet board with shelf: black, white, grey, raspberry
  • Tabletop cutout for wireless charger
About the designer
Sedus- Half height

Sedus is a company with a tradition of setting new standards again and again during a history that goes back 140 years in ergonomics, manufacturing processes and ecology. A brand which moves people - and a brand for people who get things moving. Sedus is a global player which continually redefines the concept of aesthetic office furniture and gives a new and timeless quality to the office environment. Sedus's philosophy is to create a "place 2.5 - the new emotional office culture". This means an office that allows users to bring leisure, personal development, and stimulation into the office.


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