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Toll Ipec

Toll-IPEC Eastern Creek is Australia's largest parcel facility, sitting on 18 hectares of land this facility is located in western Sydney and houses 600+ employees. 

ecf worked closely with the building architects to ensure the project was managed efficiently and smoothly throughout the whole process from furniture selection right through to placement and installation. 

Working closely with the architect, the space planning was specifically designed to allow for expansion and growth, while current workstations and other pieces were designed to fit current space allocations. Corporate colours were used on the furniture throughout the facility including the main office, depot, executive areas, the custom designed reception desk, drivers quarters and first aid rooms. ecf also completed all custom joinery throughout all office interiors. 

The client indicated that as this facility has a long lease period they required aesthetically pleasing furniture that was also strong, durable and high quality. Logistically the project had to be monitored and well planned to meet the time plan of the staged occupancy. Furthermore the site was multi storey with no lift access, meaning all pieces had to be manually carried up stairs.


Eastern Creek, NSW


Toll Property


Toll Ipec