Crossline and Crossline Prime executive



Price range

Under $3000

Lead Time

12 weeks


Crossline and Crossline prime management armchairs represents a high culture of seating. Like a shadow, seat and backrest follow every body movement in absolute harmony. The body is perfectly supported at all times, without being controlled by the technology. Once you get used to this incomparable comfort, you will never want to settle for anything less! When superlative function looks this elegant, seating culture has truly reached a new high.









Mechanisms: "Similar- Plus"  

Backrest Technician Features: Pre-selectable opening angle (0, 11, 22, 32), Height adjustable lumbar support (60mm), Adjustable backrest pressure, Sprung Backrest

Seat height adjustment: "Sedo-Lift" mechanism

Base design: Crossline Prime: Polished aluminium base, Crossline: Aluminium base, powder coated in black

Model colour/ plastic parts: Black

Armrest: Crossline Prime Aluminium armrests with leather finish, Crossline: 3D adjustable armrests with softtouch finish.

Hardcastors for soft floors


Mechanisms: "Similar- Plus" mechanism with seat tilt adjustment of 4 degrees   

Seat height adjustment: Gas lift mechanism

Base design: Crossline: Aluminium base, powder coated in white aluminium or white, Polished aluminium base  

Model colour/ plastic parts: Crossline: white

Armrest: Crossline: Without armrest, 3D adjustable armrest with gel finish , 3D armrest with leather finish

Headrest integrated into the backrest

Black leather headrest

different cover for backrest upholstery 

Sliding seat 50mmm

Soft castors for hard floors 

About the Designer

about designer
Sedus a company with tradition that has set new standards again and again during a history that goes back over 140 years. In ergonomics, manufacturing processes and ecology. A brand which moves people – and a brand for people who get things moving. Sedus is a global player which continually redefines the concept of aesthetic office furniture and gives a new and timeless quality to the office environment. Sedus’s philosophy is to create a "Place 2.5 – the new emotional office culture". This means an office that allows users to bring “leisure, personal development and stimulation” into the office.
about designer Markus Dörner
“Innovative design comes of the tireless quest for new structures. And that’s a fact.”

Markus began his career as a cabinet maker. working several years in the industry he gained experience in furniture and joinery. He then took further studies in design which eventuated in the design of many products that have won red dot awards.